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As mentioned earlier, the 100-hectare area of the Vita Gentrias is designed to be a self-contained community. There are planned provisions for facilities that will essentially turn the gated community into a small town. For instance, there are plans to lease a patch of land within the community to a supermarket chain, and a bit more was set aside for other commercial buildings. This means you won’t even need to step outside the main gate. You will find everything that you will ever need right inside the walls of the Vita Gentrias.

Besides the planned commercial establishments, there are plenty of other amenities within the gated community that can make the residents feel right at home. First of all is security. The entire compound is enclosed by a tall concrete fence topped with razor wire, which is more than enough to discourage shady folks from trying to scale the perimeter walls of the Vita Gentrias. There are only a couple points of entry into the community with each one having its own gate. Also, there is always a security guard or two posted at them at all times. Besides the security guards, you can also find a system of closed circuit cameras located at strategic points around the subdivision. In case something misses the watchful eyes of the guards, they won’t escape the never sleeping cameras.

Just like with the other real estate development projects of Camella Homes, the Vita Gentrias has amenities that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle for the residents. There are several basketball/volleyball courts within the compound, so you will always have a place to have a rousing game with your friends and get some exercise at the same time. There is also a really nice jogging path inside the compound so the residents can have a safe place to jog or walk without having to worry about passing cars. A large swimming pool is also located beside the Vita Gentrias clubhouse. Although the pool is not Olympic-sized, it is still large and deep enough that you can swim a couple of laps and work on your cardio and overall health.

Speaking of the clubhouse, it is actually free to use for all residents. You can take your kids there every morning or afternoon and let them play with the other neighborhood kids while you sit on one of the park benches and read a good book. You can also rent the clubhouse for your private functions. Do you need a place to hold a family reunion? Are you looking for an affordable place where you can celebrate your kids’ birthdays? You can rent the clubhouse and the adjoining pool for a set amount of time.

Lastly, unlike the other gated communities, the roads in Vita Gentrias are more than wide enough for two vehicles to pass by each other. There is still a bit more space for street parking. You can be sure that in case of disasters or emergencies like fires, emergency vehicles can easily navigate through the streets and reach their intended destinations on time. 

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